Report an Issue

Report An Electric Outage

If you are experiencing a power outage:

  • Check all breakers
  • Verify that you have an electric meter
  • Call AECI 256-586-3196

Report Downed Power Lines

  • Call AECI 256-586-3196 – To report any downed power lines.

Planned Maintenance Announcements

Please call AECI or fill in the form to the right to verify that we have a current phone number on file so that we can contact you in case of planned power outage or maintenance in your area.

  • Call AECI 256-586-3196

Report Other Issue

  • Call AECI 256-586-3196 – To report any issue that you may be experiencing.

Update My Phone Number, Mailing Address, or Email:

The Address where you are receiving service for this account

New Mailing Address

Only fill in this area if you have a change of mailing address where you receive your bills and notifications: