Arab Electric Cooperative has changed its online bill payment system.

General manager Stacey White said the new system is more user friendly and has many more options than the previous system.

The new company is Nexbillpay and customers can access it at AEC’s website:

Using the system, customers can pay using a checking account, debit card or credit card. Customers also can pay online, using a smart phone app or by text.

“Members can now access their account balances either by phone or online 24 hours a day,” White said. “By calling AEC (option 1) you can hear your balance information, previous payment history and you can pay the bill.”

Members can also access their account information and pay using AEC’s website.

The online system also includes other features, such as account management, linking accounts, virtual wallet, payment history, text and e-mail reminders.

“AEC’s customer and payment services manager, Dianna Walmsley played a huge role in making this service an option for our members,” White said. “It was quite an undertaking, but with lots of hard work and determination, she made it happen.”

The fee for using the old system to pay with a debit or credit card was a percentage based on the amount of the customer’s bill.

With Nexbillpay, there is a set fee, regardless of how much the bill is. Each time customers use Nexbillpay to pay their electric bill, the fee is $2.30 to pay with electronic check and $3.95 using a credit or debit card.

Note: Tribune editor Charles Whisenant is a member of the Arab Electric Cooperative board of trustees.