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Faces of AECI: Jerry Willis

Tuesday, 05 June 2018 12:01

Jerry Willis is the first employee that I get to share with you.

Notice that I wrote I “get to” share with you. I personally chose to share Jerry’s recent success story with all of you for several reasons. Jerry is responsible for both the safety and productivity of all of our construction and maintenance crews. This includes all of the ground men and linemen functions. In other words, if they are working on power lines or associated equipment, Jerry is responsible for the outcome. 

Coordinating their safety and productivity in a non-discriminatory manner is the basic job requirement. As a supervisor of these crews, his responsibilities are quite challenging. Keeping the power on in a rural service territory that is full of trees within the power line right of way is a challenge, literally every time the wind blows. Regardless, this is the profession Jerry signed up for when he agreed to be the supervisor of this department. What I most appreciate about the way Mr. Willis is currently handling his business is that he “gets it”. Jerry sees the big picture we are facing with our Members. He understands the giant hole that we are trying to get out of in light of the embezzlement case. Even if those activities were totally unrelated to his daily responsibilities, Mr. Willis understands: what it means to be on a team,what it means to be a team player, and what the actions of anyone team member can do to the rest of the team. 

Yeah. Jerry gets it. As a result, sometimes Jerry has to make decisions that his employees may not prefer, but if it is the right thing to do for either safety or productivity, he’s doing it anyway. That puts JerryWillis in situations where some are not comfortable with his leadership at times until they put the bigger picture into focus.

When Jerry is not at work or on call, he is a devoted husband, father, son, son-in-law and active participant in his Sweet Home Church family in Scant City.

I hope this introduction was helpful. For those who think you know Jerry Willis, please look again. He might surprise you!

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