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Faces of AECI: Wayne Mahathey

Tuesday, 21 August 2018 21:07

Earlier this year I started a new feature in this magazine.    

The majority of employees at your Arab Electric Cooperative are going about their daily responsibilities the best they can to do a good job for you.  Most of them are quiet about this.  They usually do not request or receive much external attention for a job well done.  Perhaps it is humility that motivates some of those high-performers.  Whatever their internal motivation(s) may be, the successes of the high-performers need to be shared with you, and this space is one format in which I will do that. 

Here’s how this article works: 1) I introduce what this person does to serve our members 2) some of their good work habits are highlighted 3) they share some level of personal information with which they are comfortable sharing.  Every employee that will be featured in this effort has full rights on whether they appear at all, and if they choose to do so, they also have full editing rights over how much information they share with you.  The General Manager obviously selects higher-performers to share.

Mr. Mahathey keeps a fleet of bucket trucks, digger derricks, pickup trucks, tractors, and all kinds of other gasoline or diesel machines and tools operating safely and effectively.  In summary, if it has wheels and one of the AECI logos on it, Wayne is personally responsible to make sure it is operating safely and maintained.  As you can imagine, maintenance is extremely important on equipment like this in order to maximize the useful life of the equipment and thereby recoup as much as possible from that investment.

One of the things I think we all appreciate the most about Wayne is the grass has never grown under his feet.  He moves.  He never stops.  His determination is worthy of recognition.  For example, no matter what the situation, Wayne is all about finding the next thing to repair or maintain.  On those rare occasions where nothing is broken (happens too rarely), he will jump in to help others without being asked to do so.  His willingness to work truly epitomizes what we know about Wayne Mahathey.  To my knowledge, not one employee has stated any words similar to “that’s not my job” since January.  My best, and educated guess is, that Wayne has never even entertained that kind of thought.  He ain’t scared to sweat, and if I could pass on one single thing to the next generation of the American work force, I would make them all follow Wayne for a day.  Then at the end of the day, I would whisper to that future generation of workers, “that is how you get stuff done, go and do likewise.

When Wayne is not at work or on call, he enjoys calling square dancing and spending time with his family on his farm.

I hope this introduction was useful.  Our Members deserve, and we will strive to find and retain this kind of work ethic for our Members.

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